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Tips and tricks from computer world.

Category: Adobe

Video tutorial - Learn Dreamweaver CS4 - Getting Started
What is Dreamweaver?
Defining sites
Rapidly building layouts
Adding text and images
Styling text
Dreamweaver integration
Adding multimedia
Managing and uploading sites

Category: Antivirus

What is a Virus?
Configure Kaspersky Antivirus to Comply Your Needs
Avira AntiVir Installation using Windows
How To Install and Configure AVG AntiVirus
Avast - antivirus Installation Guide
Avast! and firewall software
How to Configure Norton AntiVirus to scan all files
How to configure Norton Anti-Virus to provide maximum virus protection

Category: Bittorent

Beginner's Guide to BitTorrent
Connection Guide
How to creat a Torrent

Category: DC++

Configure DC ++ ( DC++ Guide )

Category: Firefox

Installing Firefox on Windows
How to use Firefox
Customizing Firefox with add-ons
Clearing private data
Search bar
How to clear Search bar history
No sound in Firefox
Exporting bookmarks to an HTML file
Keyboard shortcuts
How to make Firefox the default browser
Organizing Bookmarks

Category: Google Chrome

Google Chrome Backup
Automatic Theme Switcher Skins Google Chrome
Install flash player in Google Chrome
How to use separate profiles in Chrome
Firefox Extension: Open In Google Chrome Version 1.0
First Google Chrome Extension GreaseMetal
Get More Omnibox Suggestions in Google Chrome
How To Block Ads in Google Chrome
Portable Chrome Puts Chrome on Your Thumb Drive
How do you configure Google Chrome to use TOR?

Category: iTunes

iTunes - Tips
iTunes - Playlists
iTunes - File Management
iTunes - Making CDs
iTunes - iTunes Store

Category: Opera

Opera as default Web browser
Default language
Multimedia, Sounds, Personal information
Start and exit
Tabs and pop-ups
Zoom and other display modes
Mouse Gestures in Opera

Category: Windows

Auto Logon to Windows XP
How to Remove Windows XP's Messenger
Set the Search Screen to the Classic Look
Upgrading to Windows XP
Speed up your browsing of Windows 2000 & XP machines
Set up and Use Internet Connection Sharing
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders
Search For Hidden Or System Files In Windows XP
Provide Remote Assistance When Using a NAT Device
Make your Folders Private
How to use Windows Update ProperlyCopy Files and Folders to CD
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