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Opera - Toolbars

Detailed customization

Opera's toolbars allow for detailed customization. Use Tools > Appearance > Toolbars to select which toolbars to show. You can drag new buttons to toolbars using Tools > Appearance > Buttons, or remove them by right clicking on them, and selecting "Remove from toolbar". You can also use Tools > Appearance > Panels to select which panels to show.

The Tools > Appearance > Skin dialog allows you to select a skin theme to apply to the Opera interface, what color scheme to use, and what size to make the toolbar buttons.

Don't be afraid to experiment a bit and click Apply to see the effects, but note that changing more than one thing at the time might make it difficult to remember your original settings.

Optimize your workspace

On computers with a low screen resolution, making full use of the workspace is important. You can customize Opera's toolbars to make as much space as possible available for document windows. The toolbars can also be turned on and off from View > Toolbars on the menu bar.

  1. Hide the panels using the panel toggle, or View > Toolbars > Panels
  2. Select View > Toolbars > Customize or Tools > Appearance > Toolbars
  3. Select Images only for the Main bar
  4. Select Text only for the Tab bar
  5. Unselect toolbars you are not using
  6. Set Progress bar to Simple
  7. Press OK

Some of the useful features for low screen resolution, such as the Zoom field and the Fit to Width option, are located on the status bar.

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