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Opera as default Web browser

What does it mean?

Making Opera your default browser simply means that Opera will be launched automatically when you request information from the Internet. The procedure for making Opera your default browser depends on your platform.


The second time you run Opera, it will start displaying a dialog asking if you want Opera to be your default browser. Even if you have previously cancelled this dialog, you can change the setting by doing the following:
  1. Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Programs
  2. Tick the checkbox for "Check if Opera is default browser on startup"
  3. Next time you start Opera, answer "Yes" when the dialog asks you if you want Opera to be the default browser on your computer.

Mac OS X

You can set Opera as your default browser on your Macintosh by doing the following:
  1. Open Safari
  2. In the Safari menu, select Preferences > General
  3. Under "Default Web Browser" select Opera
Note: On Mac OS X 10.2, you can also select a default browser using System Preferences > Internet > Web > Default Web Browser


For the two major desktop environments, the easiest ways of changing the default system Web browser to Opera are:
  1. In Gnome's System menu, select Preferences > Preferred Applications
  2. On the "Internet" tab, select "Opera" as the Web browser
  1. Open KDE's System Settings
  2. Open "Default Applications", and select "Web Browser"
  3. Under "Open http and https URLs" mark "in the following browser", and choose Opera

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