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iTunes - File Management

Converting WMA Files

In iTunes for Windows, you can convert your unprotected WMA files to AAC files (or whatever file format is chosen in the Importing pane of iTunes Preferences) without changing the original WMA file. Simply drag the WMA files into your library in iTunes and iTunes does the grunt work, converting them for you. Windows Media Player 9 or later must be installed to convert unprotected WMA files. Protected WMA files cannot be converted.

Playing Authorized Tracks

If you’re listening to the songs in a shared library or playlist and your computer is not authorized to play the purchased songs in the list, iTunes skips the purchased music. To listen to purchased music in a shared library or playlist, you need to double-click the song and authorize your computer to play it.

CD Track Info

If you insert a new CD in your computer and the song names appear in iTunes as “Track 1,” “Track 2,” “Track 3,” and so on, you’ll want to add the real album information before you import the CD. There are two ways to do so.

First, if you’re connected to the Internet you can go to Advanced in the menu bar and select Get CD Track Names. But perhaps your CD is rare and the album information is not in the database online. In that case, you can click the song name twice and then type the title manually. The same applies for the artist and album names.

CD Track Info

Adding Songs from CDs

To quickly add a song from a CD to an existing playlist, insert the CD, then drag the song from the list of CD tracks to the playlist. The song is imported into your library and added to the playlist. To add a song from a CD to a new playlist, drag the song from the CD to the white area below the items in the Source List. The song is imported into your library and added to a new playlist.

Editing CD Information

To quickly enter CD information for all the songs on a CD, select the CD in the Source List and choose File > Get Info. You can enter basic CD information once for all the songs on the CD.

CDs from Albums

To make your own CD from an album in your library, click Library and choose View > Show Browser (if you see only Hide Browser, then the Browser is already visible). Drag an album from the Album list in the top-right section of the library to the white area below the items in your Source List. Click the album's playlist icon to select it, then choose File > Burn Playlist to Disc.

To avoid the message that appears when you insert a blank CD, click the Burn button before inserting the blank CD.

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