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iTunes - Playlists

Playlist Windows

To open a playlist in a new window, double-click the playlist icon in the Source List. To copy a song from one playlist to another, drag the song to a playlist in the Source List.

Playlists from Albums

To quickly create a playlist from selected songs, select the songs in your library and then choose File > New Playlist from Selection.

Smart Playlists

An easy way to keep track of your music by genre or artist is to create Smart Playlists. A Smart Playlist continuously searches your music library for new tracks meeting the criteria you set. iTunes gives you conditions to set as criteria for Smart Playlists, including Artist, Album, Year, Song Name, (Date) Last Played, Date Added, Genre, Composer, My Rating, Play Count, and more. For example, you may want to have all your R&B/Soul music in one playlist. If you set up a Smart Playlist, it will gather every R&B/Soul song in your library and continuously add to the playlist new R&B/Soul songs imported into your library in the future.

Share Your Playlists

You can share your musical tastes with other people by publishing your playlists on the iTunes Store. Shared playlists include 30-second previews of any songs in your playlist that are also available on the iTunes Store. If a song in your playlist is not available on the iTunes Store, the song isn’t listed in the shared playlist.

To share a playlist, select the one you want to share. Click the Publish arrow to the right of the playlist in the Source List. If you don’t see the Publish arrow, make sure the “Show links to the iTunes Store” checkbox is selected in iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences).

Changes you make to your playlist after it’s published are not updated automatically on the iTunes Store. You need to click the Publish arrow each time you make a change that you want to share.

Share your Playlists

Party Shuffle

Party Shuffle

Let’s get the party started. And just as important — let’s keep it going. iTunes Party Shuffle takes over as DJ, so you can relax and enjoy your party. Open iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences), click Show Party Shuffle, and then click OK. Select Party Shuffle from the Source List and iTunes creates a random playlist from music in your library. If you like you can change the source (at the bottom of Party Shuffle playlist) from Library to a select playlist.

Party Shuffle Options

More Party Shuffle options let you choose to see the last 5-100 songs played or none at all, as well as the next 5-100 songs that will play. Another nifty option lets you direct Party Shuffle to play higher-rated songs more often. Using these options, you can add, remove, and rearrange songs in the random playlist on the fly, leaving you with an awesome playlist and more time to party.

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