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iTunes - Tips

Right-Click Shortcuts

You can right-click songs, playlists, column headings, and many other items in iTunes to do certain tasks more easily. For example, to see all the playlists that include a particular song, right-click the song, then scroll down to Show in Playlist.

Quick Links

To quickly find more music on the iTunes Store from an artist in your library or perhaps a cover of the same song by a different artist, click the arrow next to the artist or song title in your library.

To do so, open iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences) and make sure you check "Show links to the iTunes Store."

Quick Link arrow

Scrubbing Tracks

To scan forward or back when a song is playing, drag the diamond in the progress bar.

To switch between total, elapsed, and remaining time, click the time display at the top of the iTunes window. (You might need to double-click a song to see the time display.) Click the song title to switch between artist, title, and album name.

Scrubbing Tracks

View Options

In iTunes you can customize your view of library and playlist columns however you like. What track information is most important to you — Song Name, Time, Album, Artist, Genre, My Rating, Last Played (date), Date Added, Year, Play Count? In View > View Options, you can show or hide columns in your jukebox. You can even move the columns around by clicking and dragging the column headings. It’s your jukebox. You can lay it out any way you choose.

Total Times

To switch between the approximate time and precise time for all the songs in the selected playlist or the library, click the time displayed at the bottom of the iTunes window.

Buffer Sizes

If you have a fast Internet connection (DSL or cable modem), you can have the music that’s streamed to your computer (previews, radio stations, shared music libraries) begin playing more quickly by choosing the Small streaming buffer size in the Advanced pane of iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences). If you have a slower Internet connection (dial-up), you can choose the Large buffer size for smoother streaming playback.

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