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iTunes Shopping Cart

iTunes Shopping Cart

As a preference in iTunes, you can choose to save items you want to buy to a shopping cart until you’re ready to confirm your purchase and download all your music at once. This is a convenient feature if you have a slow Internet connection at one location with your laptop, if you’re trying to restrain your impulse shopping tendencies, or if you want to approve your children’s selections before purchasing them.

iTunes Shopping Cart

To turn on your iTunes Shopping Cart, go to iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences). In Preferences, click the green Store icon and choose "Buy using a Shopping Cart."

iTunes 1-Click

By default, music is purchased using 1-Click, which means the music you buy is immediately charged to the credit card listed on your Apple account and downloaded into your iTunes library. If you turn on "Buy using a Shopping Cart" and want to return to using 1-Click instead, open iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences). Click the Store button at the top of the window and make sure "Buy and download using 1-Click" is selected. Then click OK.

iTunes Store Downloads

If you've downloaded something from the iTunes Store but don't see it in your Purchased playlist or elsewhere in your iTunes library, make sure your Internet connection is active and choose "Check for Purchases" from the Store menu in iTunes to resume your download.

iTunes Store Previews

To listen to a preview of a song in the iTunes Store, double-click the song. If your network connection is slower than 128 Kbps, the preview may sound jittery. Choose iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences), and in the Store pane select the "Load complete preview before playing" checkbox.

Make a Wish List


You can add previews of any song in the iTunes Store to a playlist and create a wish list of songs that you want to buy at a later date. First create a new playlist. Then drag the individual song preview from the iTunes Store to the new wish list playlist. Listen to the song preview or buy the song directly from your playlist by clicking the Buy button.

After you buy a song using the Buy button, the song remains in your wish list playlist, but double-clicking it plays the entire song instead of just the preview, and the price for the song no longer appears.

iTunes Store URLs

To include the URL to an iTunes Store page in an email or other program, drag a link, track, or graphic from a page in the iTunes Store to your email program or other application. You can also right-click the item and choose Copy iTunes Store URL.

Allowances, Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

Give your kids a way to download their favorite songs with music allowance accounts. They can access the iTunes Store without using a credit card. You set the limit on how much they can spend with an allowance that refreshes monthly. You can cancel the allowance or adjust the amount at any time.

An iTunes Store gift certificate makes gift giving easy, and you can email it for speedy delivery (great for last-minute gifts).

If you’re interested in creating an allowance account or purchasing an iTunes gift certificate, visit the iTunes Store and select Buy iTunes Gifts from the Quick Links menu on the right. You can also purchase iTunes Gift Cards from the Apple Store and many other retailers.

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