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iTunes - Making CDs

Compilation Albums

To see all the songs on a compilation CD grouped together in your library, make sure "Group compilations when browsing" is selected in iTunes > Preferences (Windows — Edit > Preferences). In Mac OS X, you can open Preferences from the iTunes menu, or in Windows, choose Preferences from the Edit menu. If this checkbox is deselected, artists from compilation CDs appear individually in the Artist list in Browse view.

Print CD Inserts

You can print a list of the songs in your library or a selected playlist to use as a CD jewel case insert, or simply to have a song or album list. Select your library or a playlist and choose File > Print. Choose whether you want to print a CD jewel case insert or song or album list. Select a printing theme from the Theme pop-up menu. Themes allow you to change how the information is printed. When you're done, click Print.

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