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Tips and Tricks - Google Chrome Backup.

We now have a free utility to create backup and manage user profiles on Google Chrome browser. The Google Chrome Backup application was designed to be a small tool to backup and restore Google Chrome profile. The profile holds personal data like history, bookmarks, etc. Everything is done with one click. It is actually no problem to backup Google Chrome profiles manually by copying all files stored in the Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\User Data folders to another location. Google Chrome Backup on the other hand provides an easier method of backing up the files with the click of a button in the program interface.

google_chrome_backup-jadi1 10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome Backup utility is simple and easy to use and no installation is necessary. Assuming you already have Google Chrome installed, simply download and unzip EXE file and is ready to use. You can select and backup profiles or create new ones or even import an already backup up profile. To download Google Chrome Backup, click here

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