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Tips and Tricks - Automatic Theme Switcher Skins Google Chrome

Google Chrome is awesome and much liked by users because of its fast and minimalist browsing experience. On the other hand its default blue color theme has disappointed some of users, but, there is no more disappointment as there is a new app Google Chrome Automatic Theme Switcher. This little application changes the skin of your Google Chrome browser. The application bundles up three ready to use skins — skins, that the author of this application found on the net, so you can make yours.

chromethemeswitcher1 10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

The Automatic Theme Switcher is is a free download for Windows only. Install the beta theme switcher on your PC running Chrome to choose one of three skins for Chrome—black, blue (the default), or green—and activate it immediately, without having to manually muck around in Chrome’s installation folders. Alternately, you can manually download Google Chrome themes here (the orange one isn’t available in the Theme Switcher utility just yet)

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