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Opera - Multimedia, Sounds, Personal information


Turning images, video, and sound on/off

Select Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content to customize multimedia in Opera. Images, video, and sound can be enabled or disabled separately. Turning multimedia sound on/off will not affect system or event sounds.


Enable event sounds

If you would like to associate sounds to different events while using Opera, you can do so using Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Notifications. From the list of events, select the one for which you would like Opera to play a sound. Click the Choose... button and browse until you find the desired sound file. Repeat this for each event, and click OK.

Turning event sounds on/off will not affect system or multimedia sounds.

Personal information

Filling out forms

It is often necessary to fill out forms on the Web, and most forms ask for the same information. Save this information once in Opera and it can easily be pasted into any Web form. Opera will even offer to automatically complete it.

Step by step
  1. Open Tools > Preferences > Wand
  2. Fill in the information you would like to have easy access to and click OK
  3. When entering information into a form, right-click any text field and select Insert personal
  4. Select from the menu to paste information into a form
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