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Get More Omnibox Suggestions in Google Chrome

As almost everybody knows by now, Google has released their Chrome web browser, a stripped down browser built for speed and an inline search bar known as the Omnibox. The only problem is that by default there are only 5 suggestions, but with a simple command line switch we can increase that number.

omnibox 10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome can be adjusted here.

  1. Locate the Google Chrome Shortcut from your Start Menu.
  2. Right-click and select Properties.
  3. Now append the command line parameter -omnibox-popup-count=12 at the end of the Target Path field.
  4. OK out of the popup and now the next time Chrome is launched from the shortcut your Omnibox will return a larger results set.

In Ubuntu, on the desktop, right click on the Application menu and select Edit Menus. Navigate to wine->Programs->Google Chrome on the left pane. Double click on Google Chrome on the right pane and edit the Command.

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