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First Google Chrome Extension GreaseMetal

Since, Google Chrome does not provide any method to develop or support browser addons, Greasemetal has found the way around by using an inter-process communication channel called AutomationProxy, which is used for automatic testing of web browser functions.

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GreaseMetal the free extension offers functionality similar to highly popular GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox and GreaseKit for Safari, the free extension lets you use existing GreaseMonkey scripts to modify webpages being displayed, this also means Google Chrome will now be able to block advertisements using ad-blocking scripts.

To install Greasemonkey script on Google Chrome, go to user script and search for the Greasemonkey script you want. Visit the installation script page which says “install the script” and click on the Monkey bookmarklet, this will change the script into Chrome compatible bookmarklet. Now drag “Install the script” onto the bookmark bar of chrome.

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