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Customize your Viber settings for iPhone

Personalize your Viber settings for iPhone, settings for Acount, Privacy (Peer-to-peer), Notifications, Calls and messages, Media, General, Chat background and Other settings . Change your iPhone Viber settings to personalize them and use Viber to suit you.

Also see: Customize your Viber Desktop settings

Find your settings:
1.  Open the more screen
2.  Tap on Settings


Change your Viber account settings from this screen.

Viber backup - Back up your text messages to transfer them from one phone to another, or when you change phone number.

Desktop and tablets - See which other devices your Viber account is active on, and deactivate them if necessary.

Change phone number - Start the process for changing your phone number either on this device or for a new device. Don't forget to back up your chat history - although you will be reminded during the process.

Deactivate account - Remove all data and history by deactivating your account.


Learn more about the privacy options on Viber.

Share 'Online' status - Enable this setting to allow other users to see your online status. If you disable this option your status is hidden from others, and you can't see their status either. Please note, you can only change your status once every 24 hours.

Send 'Seen' status - Allow other users to see when you have read the message they sent you. Disable this option to hide when you have seen their message. You also won't be able to see when others have read your messages.

Block list - Find a list of all the numbers you have blocked from contacting you on Viber. You can unblock them from here too.

Hidden chats - See a list of your hidden chats, change or reset your PIN. Learn more about Hidden Chats here.

Clear trusted contacts - Take a look at your list of trusted contacts and reset the list. Learn more about trusted contacts.

Collect analytics data - Enable this option to allow Viber to receive anonymous data about your usage. Viber uses this information to improve services.

Show your photo - Choose whether to allow users who are not on your contacts list to see your photo.

Privacy Policy - Read Viber's privacy policy for more information.

Change peer-to-peer settings
Viber uses peer-to-peer communication to connect devices and improve call quality when you make a call. Peer-to-peer communication allows your phone and the phone of the person you are calling to exchange IP addresses and connect directly to each other.

Peer-to-peer is only used in 1-on-1 calls on Viber.

You can choose to turn peer-to-peer communication off, so that your IP address is no longer used in your Viber calls, but it will reduce your call quality.

Change your settings
1.  Open Settings from the more screen
2.  Tap on Privacy
3.  Tap Use Peer-to-Peer to turn it off or on

Please note that turning off peer-to-peer will affect all your 1-on-1 voice and video calls on Viber.


Turn notifications ON/OFF - If you have your notifications off you will see a banner at the top of the screen reminding you that they are off.

In-app notifications:
  In-app vibrate
  In-app sounds
  Show in-app banner
  Show message preview - See an incoming message in your device's menu bar. Control the notifications you receive when Viber is open.

Notification sounds - Choose the sound that you hear when you have a new notification. You can choose to stick with the default Viber tone, or personalize it to your own sound.

Contact joined Viber - Be told when one of your phone contacts join Viber.

Calls and messages

Viber-In calls - Enable this option to allow your phone to receive regular incoming calls with Viber when possible.

Receive service messages - Choose whether to allow businesses to message you via Viber.

Email message history - Send your backed up message history to your email.

Clear message history- Delete your entire Viber message history. Once deleted you won't be able to get the messages back.


Save to gallery - Automatically save photo and video messages received on Viber to your camera roll.

Keep media - All media files will be deleted after the selected period of time. You can choose Forever to avoid losing any media files.

Auto download photos - Allow Viber to automatically download photos even when you are on your mobile network (not on WiFi).

Delete voice messages - Delete all the voice messages you have received on Viber. If you do delete them, you can't restore them.

Restrict data usage - Use this setting to allow Viber to optimize the service and use as little data as possible when you are on your mobile network.


Restore Viber defaults - Select this option if you would like to restore Viber's default settings.

Chat background

Choose a background to appear in all your chats. Take a new photo, pick out a photo from your gallery, or use one of Viber's backgrounds.

Other settings

Change iPhone notifications
Viber will send push notifications when you receive a call or message, as well as other messages from time to time from the app. You can customize these notifications through your phone's settings.

Customize your iPhone settings:
1.  Select Settings
2.  Tap Notifications
3.  Choose Viber

4.  Choose the notifications who want (or don't want) to receive from Viber.
  Sounds - A noise is made when you receive a notification
  Badges - A small number will appear on the Viber app icon on your home screen when you have unread messages or missed calls
  Alerts/ banners - Alerts are a popup in the center of the screen, and need to be canceled to remove them. Banners roll down from the top of the screen, and will disappear after a few seconds

Change text size
Change the text size in your Viber chats from your Phone's settings.

To change these settings:
1.  Open Settings  from your phone's home screen
2.  Tap Display and Brightness
3.  Select Text Size
4.  Slide your finger along the slider to your preferred size

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