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Customize your Viber Desktop settings - Viber Out, Acount and more

Personalize your settings for Viber Desktop, settings for Viber Out, Media, Audio & Video, Acount, Privacy and Notifications. Change your Viber settings to personalize them and use Viber as you want.

Find your settings:
1.  Click on the Settings button ⚙ at the top right of your screen
2.  Click on Settings

Account settings

Info - See your Viber name and phone number. You can't change these settings on your desktop.

Start Viber on system startup - Viber will automatically start when you turn on your computer. You can turn this off and start Viber manually.

Set default background - Choose one of Viber's backgrounds for all your chats. Only you can see this background, and it only applies to the desktop.

Change language - Select the language you want to use in Viber.

Terms of Use and Policies - Read more about the terms and conditions for using Viber.

 Viber Out settings

  Add credit to your account
  View rates - See how much your calls will cost
  Viber Out calls - See a list of your recent calls
  Viber Out payments - See a list of credit purchases

Audio and video settings

  Input - Make sure your microphone is connected to Viber
  Volume - Adjust the sound level on your microphone
  Output - Check the speakers for sound
  Volume - Adjust the volume of Viber on your desktop

  Input - Make sure that Viber has found your webcam


Keep media - Choose how long you want to allow videos and photos received on Viber to remain on your desktop app.

Auto download media - Any media you receive from a contact will be downloaded automatically.

Privacy settings

Clear trusted contacts - See a list of your trusted contacts and remove them from here.

Privacy Policy - Read more about how Viber guards your privacy.

Deactivate Viber on desktop - Deactivate Viber on your computer from here. Deactivating Viber deletes all your chat history and app data. Deactivating Viber on your computer won't affect Viber on your phone.

Interest-based ads - Choose not to receive ads based on your interests from your phone settings. This choice will be applied automatically to your desktop app.

Notifications settings

Show notifications for - Choose whether you want notifications for both messages and calls or just calls.

Play sounds for:
  All messages and all calls
  Aggregated messages and all calls - Even if you get a lot of messages from one chat, there will only be one notification
  Calls only

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