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Samsung Galaxy S9 - ALMOST HERE!!!

The news that we all were waiting for is finally here. Previously we heard that Galaxy S9 family will get revealed at MWC - it was a rumor based thing but now it is official. Yes it's officially confirmed by Samsung themselves that the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus will get announced at MWC 2018 live in Barcelona.

This is it guys Samsung will officially announce Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at MWC 2018. Today we recap everything we know about the next beast phones & Whats new vs Galaxy S8 & Note 8. Everything you need to know about Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus is here.

The galaxy S9 family is getting announced at MWC - this is it guys, it's now just a month away. This time Samsung certainly did a great job with the leaks I mean so far we don't have any live leaks of the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus apart from this high quality clones that are showing us how the actual real thing will look but of course the front of these clones are pretty bad obviously it's not actually the real thing.

So at CES 2018 Samsung announced a lot of different things other than smartphones they want to build an ecosystem like Apple so for that they have their big speed-wise assistant integrated in different things such as televisions and some home appliances so all their 2018 TVs will have support for Bixby for easy setup you know asking for different commands such as weather playing a song or sega.

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