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How to Sync your Viber chat history to Viber for Desktop

See how new desktop users can sync the entire Viber chat history to they're desktop app.

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How to Sync?

1.  Make sure you have the latest version of the Viber app on your phone
2.  Install Viber for Desktop on your computer for the first time, and open the app
3.  Tap Sync on the sync popup when prompted
4.  On your phone, tap Approve to allow your chat history to sync between your phone and desktop
5.  Keep Viber open on your phone until the sync has completed

What content is synced?

All content including text messages, images, voice and video messages and media messages is transferred over when you sync your history.

Good to know

  You can only sync your chat history to desktop the first time you install the Viber desktop app.
  If the sync is interrupted by a problem with your mobile you will have only one chance to retry the sync.
  Your chat history is compressed and encrypted whilst it is synced.
  If you cancel the sync before it has completed, your history will not be synced.

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