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What is Reddit?

For much of The Internet "reddit" is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world. Checking "reddit".com is like reading the daily newspaper except that "reddit" is - timely - interactive - personalized - participatory - horrifilying absorbing at times ...basically, *good*.

The way it works is that people submit links to "reddit" (blog posts or images or videos) and other people vote those links up or down. It's a simple idea but it makes "reddit" into a list of the best stuff that people are reading or watching on The Internet right now. The name is a contraction of 'Read It' as in: I already read it on Reddit, which if you spend significant time on the site, is what you'll say to everyone who tries to show you anything. It's a kind of awesome curse.

Because there are no editors on "reddit" you never know what you're going to find but you can bet it's going to be funny or interesting or enranging because 1,000s of other people have already voted that it's something to see. Think of it this way: if Google is where you go to search for things, then "reddit" is where you go to see the things that people have found.

But "reddit" is not just one list of stuff: "reddit" is a beautiful fractal with sections, called sub"reddit"s. If you just like politics or programming or funny image captions or sports or world news there are sub"reddit"s that list only that stuff. And there's going to be a sub"reddit" for your city or country or region.

Love a TV show that ended years ago? There's a sub"reddit" where people are still talking about it as though it just aired. Tech have geeks their technology and flag geeks have their vexillology and -- and on the off chance you're interested in something the doesn't yet exist, just press a button and a new sub"reddit" is born.

Each sub"reddit" works just like the main page: an updating list of interesting stuff according to the people interested in that stuff. And when a sub"reddit" grows large it can be terrifyingly good at this: for example AWW, a section devoted to adorableness, is a GLOBAL 24-HOUR-A-DAY BATTLE TO FIND THE CUTEST IMAGES EVAR!

See the rest in the video.

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