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Review Google Home Mini - Unboxing, Setup & Full Tutorial

In today's video we're gonna unbox and setup the newest member of the Google home family: the Google Home mini.

In today's video we're gonna dive in and show you the Google home Mini and how you can get it all set up and exactly what it does. So first, this is the second Google Home device. Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that allows you to talk to Google and many different services just with your voice using the keywords: Okay Google or Hey Google.

In today's video we're going to show you this new device, show you how to use it and all the new additions that has come out to the Google Home and what you can do. So here on the side we can just start with the keyword then we can ask any question: what is the nearest flower shop? call jane's flowers! tell me about my day!

You can now set reminders and it will alert you on the Google Home or your mobile device, you can play movies from Netflix to your chromecast, you can also play music so Spotify Google Play Music.
Here you can translate a word to any language so you can learn about it and you can change your smart home devices and depending on what you have available and what you have set up.

Here this is a small and mighty package so this is not as big as the original Google home but it still is able to do all the same features that it could. So it knows it all it uses the power of Google can tackle your day, setting alarms, reminders, finding about your commute and the travel time. I love to use it to find out when a store closes, how long it's going to take me to get there, here we can make calls, entertainment and control your home right from this device.

See the rest of the review in the video.

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