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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Multi Tasking Tips & Tricks

In today's video I want to teach you all the ins and outs of multitasking on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is a fantastic device for multitasking if you actually know all the little subtle tactics. So let's dive in and discover on how to be more productive and better utilize the multitasking features of the Note 8 by knowing what they are.

Now let's dive in and discover. All right so I'm very sure that most of us
here know the basics of multitasking so let's say I want to multitask on my smart phone on my Galaxy Note 8; I would launch Chrome for example and then I would tap the recent ski button and then I would tap this button on the top in the middle the button that looks like two windows.

That's the multitasking button. When you tap this button the windows goes to the top the one you tap the button on and at the bottom you can open another window from the apps list or if you have any recent windows they'll show up right here. So if you tap on the apps list you can launch the calculator and now you have two windows side by side and you can do multitasking; I can either work on this window or I can come back and I can work on this window and I can do some meaningful multitasking with any app that I please and of course I can resize these windows up and down so I can make the calculator look a little bit larger or I can make the Google Chrome look larger if that's what I desire; and of course if you want to kill any one of these windows you just swipe it away and it's gone.

See the rest in the video.

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