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Choosing the Right Editing Mode in Nvu html editor

Typically, you won't need to change the editing mode from the default (Normal). However, if you want to work with the document's HTML source code, you may want to change editing modes.

Nvu allows you to quickly switch between four editing modes or views. Each editing mode allows you to continue working on your document, but displays varying levels of HTML tags (and tag icons).

Before you choose an editing mode:

  • Open the View menu, choose Show/Hide, and then make sure there is a checkmark next to Edit Mode Toolbar.

The Edit Mode toolbar has four tabs:

  • Normal: Choose this editing mode to see how the document will look online while you are creating it. Choose this mode to show table borders and named anchor icons. All other HTML tag icons are hidden.
  • Show All Tags: Choose this mode to show all HTML tag icons.
  • 'HTML' Source: Choose this mode to view and edit the document as unformatted HTML source code. When you save the document, the Normal mode reappears.
  • Preview: Choose this mode to display and edit the document exactly as it would appear in a browser window, except that links and JavaScript functions will not be active.

Note: JavaScript functions, frames, links, Java, embedded objects and animated GIF files are not active in any of the editing modes. To display these items in their active state, click the Browse button on the Composition toolbar to load the page into a browser window.

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