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Changing the Word2007 Normal Template

Many people have wanted to change the default line spacing that is used by Word2007. It defaults to adding a 10 pt. space after each line.

To change this, you simply need to edit the default template used by word

  1. Start Word
  2. Open
  3. In the dialog box in the lower right side, select All Word Templates
  4. Browse to the location where they are stored
  5. For example, with Vista, they are in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates directory
  6. Open the Normal.dotm file
  7. Select Paragraph
  8. Change the spacing after from 10 to 0
  9. You can also change things like the default font and size
  10. Save the file and close Word
  11. Restart Word and your new template should be in place
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