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BitComet - Find a Torrent File and Download

Task Propreties

BitComet will open automatically once finishing downloading torrent. Then a dialogue as following picture will popup with: Normal, Advanced and Task Link. You can change tab with clicking or it will default Normal.

Save Location: You can change save location of the download files in the computer through clicking, Browse, or putting URL in the ADD.

Task: Default is to download and start immediately. It means downloading this task immediately. If you choose start manually, you need to start downloading task manually in future.

File Name: You can download files optionally by making the file name checked.

Suggestion: Generally speaking, you don't need to change save location and download files with other options. Keep default with click "OK", then you can download. So you can close the current page and experience the downloading of BitComet.


Tracker List: There are Tracker addresses in Tracker List. You don?t need to pay attention to these addresses.

Task Setting: Enable use public DHT network. This can improve your download speed through acquiring data from other users in DHT network.

Enable peers exchange. This help you receive more data from more users and improve your download speed.

"Minimum upload rate to keep" and "Maximum allowed upload rate" of "Enable task specific setting" is for users to make seeds. As seeds, users can set Minimum and Maximum of Upload data. This can assure the user?s download speed and make some bandwidth to download files.

Suggestion: You can get best download setting without modifying data of advanced setting.

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