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Download DivX Player

Download DivX Player


DivX for Windows includes the DivX Codec, the DivX Player, the DivX Web Player and the Stage6 Content Uploader Utility. The DivX Player plays all AVI and .divx files that contain DivX video and MP3 audio including rented and purchased DivX content. The DivX Codec extends DivX playback support to all popular media players. This package supports English, French, German and Japanese languages.

DivX Player is optimized to play every DivX file with full support for all the advanced features of DivX including scene selection menus, chapters, subtitles, video tags, and alternate audio tracks. The latest version of the DivX Player adds a download manager that allows you to download multiple videos, pause and resume downloads, and progressively play back video, and a new burn-to-disc feature for creating DivX discs from within the player.

The creators of the popular DivX video format also make this freeware bundle for playing and encoding DivX files. Video and audio playback is fairly smooth, and you can shift among full-screen, compact, and console modes using the right-click context menu. Skins are available on the publisher's site.

The installation offers a six-month trial of the Pro version of the encoder. The help file is external, on a live Web site, and not very helpful for answering basic questions such as what formats you can play and where to install skins. The codec's user guide is a separate download.

The program eats nearly 20MB even when there's no video playing. But, if you simply need to view DivX files or convert other files to the DivX format, this bundle is an adequate option.
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