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Why I chose the Samsung Note 8 over the iPhone X

Chuck Fresh from "Computer Care Clinic" and I now work for AT&T; I'm in their retail division learning a lot about cell phones and I'm getting a lot of questions they're saying should I get an Android or should I get an iPhone. It's a hard question to answer.

I suppose if you grew up in the iPhone industry and you've never had anything else you started out with an iPhone I had one of the first eight iPhones here in Central Florida that was one of the early adopters paid a fortune for it but

I did start with the iPhone and it was incredibly and still is to this day it's changed very little still incredibly easy to use and that's part of the appeal for the iPhone infrastructure for the iOS operating system it looks the same on every iPhone you use which is very little flexibility. Sure you can change some of the wallpapers, you can move some of the icons around but it's very inflexible in terms of customization. So every iPhone is gonna look like the other one if you get a new one it's gonna look just like the other one.

You stick with the Apple iCloud interface all your stuffs gonna come over when you get a new one but if you changed to the Android phone you're gonna get a lot more customization. Things are going to look a little different. It may be harder to find things because you've got pages and pages and icons and it doesn't have to be that way because you can organize your homescreen and your icon setting... the rest of the story in the video.
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