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Samsung Galaxy S9 - Surprise specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is almost two months away and is gonna get announced in the last days of February, always the best time of the year to lunch smartphones. Last night we saw the official CAD League of the Galaxy S9 that showed us that there's more like a Galaxy S8 S kind of upgrade this year.

The minimal bottom bezel design that Samsung was working on earlier was scrapped for an unknown reason but that might change. We have a lot to talk about but first let's take a look at this.
My god what a powerful beast.
This is the benchmark score of a U.S. Snapdragon 845 very end of the Samsung Galaxy S9. As you can see, that is scores 2422 single core and 8350 one multi-core score. That is pure power - but if we compare these scores to the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S9 which is the Exynos 9810 variant - that's gonna come to the other part of the world - that variant scores better in single core but loses by a big margin.

Well not quite big but still when it comes to the multi-core score you're getting more with the Snapdragon variance 7787 versus 8351. The scenario, a forty five variant takes the lead obviously the Exynos processor is not yet officially announced and this benchmark score was from I think last month.

So I'm sure the Exynos will be able to go beyond 8000 in multi-core. Now I know benchmarks don't matter in real life but just for the sake of comparison the Samsung's biggest rival Apple with this A11 Bionic chip on iPhone 10 still scores the most in single core and multi-core.

See the rest of the news in the video.

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