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HIDDEN iPhone X Features - Tips and Tricks

Let's talk about hidden features that maybe you don't know some of these are exclusive to the iPhone 10 but not everything. Something that I have been wanting for so long is the ability to lock your nose. So I'm gonna go into my Notes app and you will see that I have little locked things to the left of some of the notes.

These are notes that I have important information in maybe Wi-Fi passwords or something that I don't want to share with anyone and obviously I don't want it just in a note.

 I have that first layer of security with face ID but even if someone gets in my phone these are the things that you know just like no one should be able to see.

so in order to access this you basically swipe to the left and you hit the lock button. When you want to remove or add a lock it's going to ask for one password and this is to unlock or lock all of the locked notes. So this is what a locked note looks like and in order to view the note you have to put in the password.

This next one has saved my life. The most annoying thing about Apple Mail is you have to search around for a new message when you get one. So in order to solve this one problem basically you're gonna go into the mouth settings and this is gonna be turned off the most recent message on top...

See the rest in the video.

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