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Add the current date in Word 2007

Some of the headers and footers available in the galleries include a special text area for the date. But you can also add the current date, and time, separately to any header or footer. Here's how:

1. Click in the header or footer where you want the date to go. If there's text there already that you don't want, select it.
2. In the Insert group, click Date & Time.
3. Choose a format. You can have just the date, just the time, or both.
4. Select the Update Automatically check box.

The current date and time will show whenever you open the document. You can also update while the file is open, and set Word options to update before printing. You'll see more in the practice session.

Note: The Date & Time feature has this updating capacity because it is a field. A field has functionality built into it that makes it perform certain actions. You'll see more of these as you work with headers and footers.
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