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Selecting objects in CorelDRAW X3

To modify objects in a project, you need to select them first by using the Pick tool. The following tips will help you select objects more easily.

  • To activate the Pick tool after using other tools from the toolbox, press Ctrl + Spacebar. This keyboard shortcut activates the Pick tool even if you've just used the Text tool.

    Pressing Ctrl+Spacebar activates the Pick tool.

  • To marquee select objects, you drag the Pick tool diagonally to enclose the objects in a marquee box with a dotted outline. If you hold down Alt while dragging the Pick tool, you need to enclose only a small portion of the objects to select them. This method is useful for selecting specific objects in complex projects that contain overlapping objects.

    To select the two flowers in the upper-right corner, hold down Alt, and using the Pick tool, drag a marquee box to enclose a portion of each flower.

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