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Locate photos quickly with IrfanView

It can be difficult to find a certain digital image in a folder packed with photo files. IrfanView makes it easy to sort through image folders by displaying photo files as tiny images called thumbnails. To use IrfanView's thumbnail feature:

1) Launch "IrfanView - Thumbnails" (located in the Start menu).

2) This brings up an Explorer-style window that lets you quickly scan through your image folders and view your photo files as tiny images.

3) When you find an image you'd like to look at more closely, double-click it and the image opens up in IrfanView's main window. This allows you to get a better look and make edits using IrfanView if you wish. When you're finished, just hit the Escape key and the IrfanView window closes (but the thumbnail viewer remains open).

If you'd like to view a slideshow of the files you see in the IrfanView Thumbnails window, select some or all of the images in the window and then, under the File menu, choose "Start slideshow with selected files."
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