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Professional Beauty Retouching Tip to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

Today I'm gonna give you a professional tip slash technique when it comes to removing blemishes especially for beauty retouching. Now I'm gonna warn you upfront this is a kind of technique which you would apply when you have a lot of time with just one image. This is not for your regular wedding photos of course when you have one important photo very important photo off the bride or your photography a model then you can apply this, but for regular very varying photos when you have hundred or 200 images to edit it's not for that the tip is very fast but the execution of it that's what takes time so without any further ado let's get started

So here we on Photoshop and if you want to follow along using this photo make sure go ahead and download that using the links in the description

1. Sample Image: https://goo.gl/D7sJt2
2. Finished PSD: https://goo.gl/uTJc1u

Professional Beauty Retouching Tip to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop! Learn how to extract and identify the blemishes using the power of Black and White Adjustment Layer.

We'll also explore various tools,  techniques, and tricks to remove the same, like some tips to work much faster with the Patch Tool, the right way to use the healing brush, the spot healing brush and even the clone stamp tool.
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