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Logo Design Process From Start To Finish in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Tutorial, I will take you through a full logo design project in Adobe Illustrator, from start to finish. You will see me sketching, then I will show you how to make a grid system for your logo sketch, and you will see much more of my logo design process.

Okay. I received a new message from a client through my mailbox. His name is Steven and he detailed some information of his project and he asked me to make a logo for his company. The company's name is Drago invest.

After responding to the client and discussing more the project I collected a detailed brief by asking multiple questions and I send him a customized invoice where I mentioned the requirement, the price and the turnaround.

My design process starts by mind-mapping. I take the words associated with the logo and find other associations then I combine it with the characteristics required by the client and then I do my sketches based on this words. Okay, now the sketching phase starts. Considering the chosen characteristics. I start drawing any idea comes to my mind - this phase is just for putting your thoughts on paper - you don't have to be an artist to make it. Just rough sketches.

I will go with this concept. it of all the characteristics required. Now I start cleaning the chosen concept. okay this is my final sketch. after cleaning it on paper. Now I will start by gridding it using guides. So, first of all press Ctrl R to activate the ruler -  Command R for Mac users.

 Now I'll drag a horizontal guide and align it with one line of my sketch the color of the guide is not clear enough, let's change it to red. Go to edit then go to preferences and then click on guides and rules - click on the color - change it to red. Then press Ok. Drag another guide and align it with the next line this size of the space between the two guides will be the spacing of all our logo elements.

See the rest of the tutorial in the video.

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