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iOS 12 Rumors: Cross Device Apps & AppleOS Concept

I'm super excited to already be talking about iOS 12 rumors with all of you. The first ever rumor for iOS 12 was released today by Bloomberg and it's kind of crazy so let's go ahead and jump in. So jumping right into things this article was written by Mark Berman and the reason I wanted to bring that up is because mark has this insane track record for predicting what Apple's going to do next during the summer, he was talking about what the iPhone 8 in the iPhone 10 would look like prior to the release, he was talking about the home pod prior to that being announced.
Everything that he usually talks about tends to happen which is really exciting because today's rumor is something that I think would be so beneficial for Mac OS and iOS together because I think it's the beginning of Mac OS and iOS merging to one piece of software.

The huge scoop in this article is this: Mac OS apps in Mac OS 12.14 and iOS apps in iOS 12 might become the same thing. So rather than having a Twitter app for your iPhone and iPad and then a completely separate and different looking Twitter app for your Mac, they would all be the same application that you would install cross-device which sounds really cool and really good for Mac apps.

So this would be huge not only for developers that are making apps but users like you and me who are using apps and the example that the article uses once again is with the Twitter app.

On iOS the Twitter app is updated super frequently with updates all the time but with the Mac Twitter app it is rarely touched it looks completely outdated it's old a lot of the newest features aren't even on it. So if this new cross-platform system went live in Mac OS 12 point 14 and an iOS 12 Twitter could bring all the newest features from its iPhone app to a similar-looking app or a very similar app for Mac OS at the same time without having a dedicated team just set aside to work on the Mac app and maybe have it updated more frequently than it is now.

See the rest in the video below.

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