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BlackBerry Motion review

The BlackBerry KeyOne was a retro-styled Android powered phone that seemed like a love letter to the brand's most dedicated fans. The new BlackBerry Motion is a little different - it trades the keyboard in the cramped display for a full touchscreen design that has a personality distinct from the Alcatel idol knock-offs we got last year.

But how well does the BlackBerry Motion actually hold up to scrutiny - let's take a closer look.

But first quick note: as we're making this video we're not exactly sure when or even if the BlackBerry motion is going to land in the US. It's available in Canada right now for 600 Canadian dollars which works out to about 470 US dollars. So I'm gonna compare it to other devices in that price range. Now it's a little odd but I actually dig the BlackBerry Motion's design. Is conservative in that way Blackberries always are, but we're left with a handsome blend of class and aluminium and plastic that comes together surprisingly well.

Strangely, BlackBerry mobile rounded the phone's top edge while leaving the bottom on flat which gives the Motion its own sense of character. I think the phone looks better than it feels though. The Motion sizes make the thing feel a bit boxy and utilitarian when you're holding it. At least it's rated ip67 for water and dust resistant.

On the bottom you'll find the USB C port and headphone jack while the volume rocker, sleep/wake button and the convenience key are stuck on the phone the right side. Now if you're anything like me you're going to find the place for another convenience key a little less than convenient because it's right where you'd expect the power button to be. The convenience key is even textured so you can identify it without looking but it's been almost two weeks and I still sometimes match the wrong button when I'm trying to wake the phone up.

Oh, and don't bother getting your hopes up this is definitely not a bezelless phone. There was a lot of space beneath the display for the capacitive navigation keys and the home button fingerprint sensor combo. Having a cookie home button is sort of a trip after getting used to phones like the iPhone 10 but it gets the job done and I really appreciate that.

See the rest of the review in the video.

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