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DVD Copy 6 - Updating your iPod automatically

Do you often record or download media files for your iPod? By using Monitor Folder, Schedule Conversion, and Copy To Go, you can monitor folders for newly recorded or downloaded files, schedule their conversion to the right format, and transfer them directly to your iPod.

Simply follow these steps...

Step 1: Select the folders to be monitored

Let us begin by monitoring folders so that their contents can be scheduled for converting.

1. Open DVD Copy 6 and click the Convert File button.

2. In Output/Target devices, select iPod.

3. In the Source window, click Monitor Folder . The Browse for Folder dialog box appears.

Select the folder you want to monitor and click OK. The folder will now appear in the Source window.

Repeat Step 3 if you want to monitor multiple folders. You can delete a folder by selecting it and pressing the [Delete] key or clicking the Delete button.

Note: A good tip to avoid confusion is to sort your media. For example, create separate folders for video and music files and categorize your files in subfolders.

When you add files to monitored folders, DVD Copy 6 will automatically put these newly added files to the list of files for conversion.

4. Specify the folder where the converted file will be located in Target. Click Browse target to browse for a folder location.

5. Select the properties of your converted video in the Profile drop-down box.

Step 2: Schedule conversion

The next step is to schedule the converting task.

1. Click the Optional Settings button to open the Optional Settings dialog box.

2. Click the Schedule tab and select Schedule at.

3. Set the date and time you intend the transcoding process to begin by clicking the up or down arrow or entering the date and time yourself.

4. Click OK.

The schedule is displayed near the Start Copying button.

After converting, you will be prompted to transfer your videos to your iPod using Copy To Go. Click OK.

Step 3: Synchronize your iPod

1. Click the Copy To Go button and select Convert to iPod.

2. Converted files are shown on the Source window.

3. Make sure your iPod is connected properly to your computer. Choose your iPod in the Destination dropdown box.

4. Click Start Copying to begin transferring your files.

Congratulations! Your new files are now added to your iPod.

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