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DVD Copy 6 - Scheduling converting tasks

Do you want to convert video files even when you're busy? DVD Copy 6 lets you schedule conversion tasks using Automatic Converting. In this tutorial, you will find out how easy it is to schedule a converting task....

Open DVD Copy 6 and click the Convert File button. Select a device in Output/Target devices. Click CellPhone for now.

Load your file

1. The first step is to load the video file by clicking the Add Video from Local button. Select the video in the Browse for File dialog box and click Open. The video is added to the Source window.

2. Specify the folder where the converted file will be located in Target. Click Browse target to browse for a folder location.

3. Select the properties of your converted video in the Profile drop-down box. There are various bit rate/screen resolution options. Let us select the 3GPP format, 128kbps bit rate, 176x144 resolution setting.

Note: Bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time, the larger the number, the more bits processed and the better the quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels handled by the device display.

The Disc space meter shows the required disc space.

Schedule conversion

1. Click the Optional Settings button to open the Optional Settings dialog box.

2. Click the Schedule tab and select Schedule at.

3. Set the date and time you intend the transcoding process to begin by clicking the up or down arrow or entering the date and time yourself.

4. Click OK.

The set schedule is displayed near the Start Copying button.

DVD Copy will automatically convert the video file during your scheduled time.

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