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DVD Copy 6 - Creating a disc label

How do you create a custom label for your home movie disc?

You just came from a magnificent sailing adventure and all your breathtaking videos of whales, porpoises, and quaint villages have successfully been copied on disc! Now, it's time to stamp it with a great-looking label....

DiscLabel is a bonus software that comes with DVD Copy 6. It lets you design and print disc labels in a few easy steps. This simple tutorial shows you how to create a disc label for your home movie.

To start creating a project, run DiscLabel.

Step 1: Choose a background

The first step is to choose a background image. Having a background in place will make it easier to add and position other elements on the label.

Choose a background image that is related to your video content for easier identification.

Let us apply a new preset background by clicking the Theme drop-down arrow under Template. For this tutorial, select Sea and click Apply.

Tip: You can also apply your own image by selecting Edit Background: Change Background under Label Tasks.

Step 2: Edit Title

1. The next step is to edit your text. Double-click Title and enter the new title in the Rich Text Edit dialog box. Type in Sailing Trip for example.

2. Highlight the new text and click Font to change the text font and text size. Click Color to change the text color. Click OK.

The new text and formatting is applied on the label. You can drag the title to find the best position on the label.

Since we are not creating an audio disc, we will remove the track list for now. Click the content list and press [Delete] key.

Step 3: Add new text

Let us now add new text by clicking Add Text under Label Tasks. Enter a description of you DVD movie.

As an example, enter OUR ESCAPE TO THE COAST OF MAINE! in the Rich Text Edit dialog box. Format the text and click OK. Delete the Audio CD image at the bottom and drag the new text in position.

Step 4: Print your label

1. Click under Label Tasks.

2. Select your printer, paper type and other settings in the Print dialog box.

3. Click Print to start printing.

Nothing to it! You now have a cool label for your home movie!

To store a copy of this label project reprinting, click File: Save As and save your project as an .ida or Disc Label project file.

Note: DVD Copy supports LightScribe technology, where you can print labels directly onto your disc. If you have a LightScribe-enabled optical drive, select LightScribe print from the Label Tasks panel to use this feature.

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