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DVD Copy 6 - Converting AVCHD video to portable files

Want to watch your AVCHD video on the go? Convert AVCHD in DVD Copy 6 lets you convert AVCHD video to file formats compatible with portable media devices.

AVCHD video may be located in any one of the following sources:

1. An AVCHD video disc inserted in your computer's optical drive

2. An AVCHD video camcorder connected to your computer

3. A folder saved in your hard disk drive

Let us quickly convert an AVCHD video file located in your hard disk drive for viewing on a Sony PSP device.

To convert your AVCHD video:

1. Open DVD Copy 6 and click the Convert AVCHD button.

2. Select PSP in Output/Target devices.

3. Click the Browse source button. Select the folder that you want to convert in the Browse for Folder dialog box. Click OK.

4. Click the Browse target button. Select a folder where you want to place the converted video in the Browse for Folder dialog box. Click OK.

5. Select the properties of your converted video in the Profile drop-down box. There are various format/bit rate/screen resolution options. Remember to come up with a file view your converted AVCHD video on your PSP device.

Let us select MPEG4 file format, 576kbps bit rate, and 320X176 [16:9] widescreen resolution.

Note: Different file formats result in different video compression rates. Bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time, the larger the number, the more bits processed and the better the quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels handled by the device display.

6. Select Customize in Mode. This allows you to select specific chapters that you want to convert. Select Chapter 1 for now.

Tip: You can click the Property sheet button to view audio and subtitle properties. If you are not sure what a chapter or video title contains, use the Preview panel to view the video.

The Disc space meter shows the required disc space.

7. To start converting, click the Start Copying button.

The Disc space meter turn to a Progress bar to show the status of the converting task.

DVD Copy prompts you when the converting task is completed. Click OK.

Congratulations! You have just converted an AVCHD video to a file format compatible with a PSP!

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