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Use Corel MediaOne to create scrapbook pages, greeting cards and more!

MediaOne comes with hundreds of project templates that let you easily create album pages, scrapbook pages, greeting cards, multi-photo collages and more just by dropping your photos into the professionally-designed template of your choice! With this tutorial we'll show how easy it is.

What you'll need

  • Corel MediaOne Starter, MediaOne Standard, or MediaOne Plus (template availability will depend on your version)
  • Digital photos you'd like to use in a scrapbook page

When you complete this tutorial, you'll be able to

  • Use photo trays
  • Choose a MediaOne Project
  • Drop photos into a template
  • Add extra pages to your project

Add Photos to the Photo Tray

  1. Before you start creating your scrapbook page (or any of the creative projects), you need to add photos to the photo tray at the bottom of your MediaOne screen. The photo tray lets you work with just a few of your photos rather than having to dig through your entire collection to find what you're looking for. Just browse through the thumbnails under the Organizer tab to find the photos you want to include. To add a photo to the photo tray, click the thumbnail, and drag it into the photo tray.

    Note: To add more than one photo at a time to the photo tray, hold down Ctrl while clicking the photos you want to use, and then drag them into the photo tray.

Choose a MediaOne Project

  1. Once you have all the photos you'll need for your scrapbook page, click the Create button in the Task panel on the left side of the MediaOne screen.
  1. Next, in the Choose a Project area select the project you'd like to complete. While we're using Artful Memory Scrapbooks by Sandra Magsamen, you can complete any project you like. The steps are so similar for each of the projects that once you learn how to do one, you can complete them all.
  1. In the Create area on the Task panel, click Select Layout to choose a layout for your scrapbook page. On the Select Layout palette that pops up, choose the layout that best suits your photos. For our example we're using Artful Scrapbooks 10.

    Add a Photo to Your Scrapbook Page

    1. Now all you need to do is drag the photo from your Photo Tray at the bottom of the screen onto the scrapbook page where it says Drag Photo Here. It's really that easy!
    1. Don't worry if your photo pops in and doesn't look exactly how you want it to. Because as soon as you dropped your photo into your template, the Select a Layout palette changed to the Position Photos palette.
    1. You can use these tools to adjust your photo so it fits in your template just the way you want it to. For this example we used the Zoom Tool to zoom in on our subject and then the Pan Tool to drag the photo into position. To use the tools, just click the button in the menu, the Fit/Fill Frame and Rotate tools will happen automatically. With Zoom you need to click the photo to zoom in, and to use the Pan tool just click and drag your photo into position.

    Add Text to Your Scrapbook Page

    1. If the project you chose has a text cell, you can add your own personalized text to your project. To add your text, click the text cell.
    1. As soon as you click the text cell, the Add/Edit Text palette opens. To add text to your project, just enter your message in the Text area of the palette. You can also choose your font, font size, font color, text formatting, and positioning. You can experiment with the different settings to get the look you want. The text appears on your project as soon as you start typing so you can see what it will look like right away.

    Add Pages & Save Your Scrapbook Project

    1. Now you're done! If you like you can add new layouts and create a complete scrapbook in a matter of minutes. To add additional pages just click the Add Page button at the top of the MediaOne screen.
    1. You can change the layout of this new page just by clicking the Select a Layout button under Create in the task panel.

    2. To view all the pages in your project, just click the View Multipage button at the top of the screen.
    1. To save your scrapbook project, click the Save button at the top of the MediaOne screen. Give your scrapbook page a name. To share with friends and family via e-mail make sure to change the save as type to JPEG, and then click Save. To save your project to work on later, save it as a Corel Project file.
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