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Create Fun Slide Shows with Corel MediaOne Plus

The best thing about Corel® MediaOne™ Plus is that it lets you easily share your photos in fun, new ways. One way is with slide shows called Corel Shows that allow you to add cool transitions to each slide and keep your family entertained while they watch the slides from your latest adventure. This tutorial will step you through creating these fun, easy-to-share shows.

What you'll need

  • Corel® MediaOne™ Plus
  • Digital photos you'd like to use in a slide show

When you complete this tutorial, you'll be able to

  • Create and use photo trays
  • Use the Storyboard
  • Add transitions to a slide show
  • Add music to your slide show
  • Create a Corel Show

Add Photos to a Photo Tray

  1. Before you start creating your slide show you need to add photos to the photo tray at the bottom of your MediaOne screen. Just browse through the thumbnails under the Organizer tab to find the photos you want to include. To add a photo to the photo tray, click the thumbnail, and drag it into the photo tray.

    Note: To add more than one photo at a time to the photo tray, hold down Ctrl while clicking the photos you want to use, and then drag them into the photo tray.

Arrange Photos in the Storyboard

  1. Once your photos are in the Photo Try, click Show on the left side of your screen.

  2. Next, we need to drag all of the photos from the photo tray into the Storyboard. Click the first thumbnail in the photo tray, hold down Shift, and click the last thumbnail in the photo tray. Note that all of your photos are now selected. Now, just drag the selected thumbnails to the Storyboard.

  3. Once your photos are in the Storyboard, you can adjust the order they will play. The slide show will present the photos as they appear left to right in the Storyboard. Just click a thumbnail in the Storyboard, and drag it to the desired position.

Add Cool Transitions

  1. There are two ways to add transitions to your slide show. You can apply the same transition to all of your slides, or you can add a specific transition to each slide individually. If you want to add the same transition to all of your slides, select one of the thumbnails in the Storyboard.

  2. In the Show area of the task panel, click Change Slide Settings. On the Change Slide Settings palette you can set the duration for each slide. We used the default of 6 seconds. You can also choose to include motion effects. For our show, we used automatic motion effects. To apply these settings to each slide in the show, click the Apply on all Slides button in upper right corner of each group box.

  3. In the Transition group box, click the drop-list arrow, and choose a transition. For this example, we used Random but you can choose any transition you want. If you are adding transitions or motion effects to slides individually, repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each slide in your show.

Preview Transitions & Save Your Show

  1. You can see how the transitions and motion effects will look in your slide show by clicking the Play button on the Corel Show viewer, located above the Storyboard.

  2. Under the Show tab on the task panel, click the arrow next to Save, and then click Save as Corel Show. Now, give your slide show a name, click Save, and you're done!

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