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Corel MediaOne Video Basics

One of the great things of so many digital cameras is that you can take video clips! Adding motion to your memories is great, and with MediaOne Plus you can make the most of these video clips. With this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to manage your videos and even turn a frame of your video into a still picture.

What you'll need

  • Corel® MediaOne™ Plus
  • A digital video clip

When you complete this tutorial, you'll be able to

  • Search your collection to find videos
  • Change thumbnail size
  • Set a specific frame of your video as a thumbnail
  • Extract a frame as a still picture

Find Your Videos & Enlarge Thumbnails

  1. We're going to quickly search our entire collection to find our video clips. In the upper-right corner of your MediaOne screen, type either .avi or .wmv (these are common video file formats) into the Search box. As soon as you start typing MediaOne will filter through your collection and pull up your video files.

  2. Once you find your video files, the thumbnails might be too small to really see what you have. Click the Zoom Slider next to the Search box. Dragging the slider to the right will shrink your thumbnails, and dragging it to the left will enlarge them. Drag the slider until the thumbnails are a size you like.

Play Video Clips in the Browser

  1. Click one of your video clip thumbnails once to select it. In the upper-left corner of the thumbnail, you should see a Play button. Click that button to play your clip in the browser.

Choose a New Thumbnail

  1. Sometimes the thumbnails for our video clips aren't quite as descriptive as we'd like. But with MediaOne you can choose any frame from your clip as the thumbnail. This way at a glance you can see exactly what the video is about. Click the Play button in the upper-left corner. When you see the frame you want to use as your thumbnail click Pause.

  2. Now just click the Set as Thumbnail button (it's right next to the Play/Pause button) and that frame will be set as your thumbnail.

Save a Frame as a Picture

  1. Here's one of the coolest features in MediaOne! You can choose a frame from your video and save it as a picture. This way you can use your favorite shots in your creative projects. Once again you're going to push the Play button and then Pause when you find the frame you want as a picture.

  2. Now click the Save Frame as Photo button (it's right next to the Set as Thumbnail button). Once you click the button, the Save as dialog box will open. Here you can choose where you want to save your photo and a name for your new photo. When you're ready, click Save. That's all there is to it!

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